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We see the word ‘processing' most often when we put our credit card into the machine; it comes up with the word ‘processing', then the transaction is accepted and finished. We understand that ‘processing' refers to all the things that go on in the background; the checking, sorting out and dealing with our finances.

The idea of ‘emotional processing' was introduced by Jack Rachman in 1980 to refer to what goes on in the background when people are faced with emotionally distressing events. "most people successfully process the overwhelming majority of the disturbing events that occur in their lives" said Rachman. Can we understand the psychological principles behind this emotional processing? What is healthy and unhealthy emotional processing? Can it be measured? Can serious traumas be successfully processed?


"it is as if the body has a second immune system, an emotional system, devoted not to physical protection but protection from emotional hurt and trauma"
Baker 2003

History of emotional processing by Jack Rachman

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