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The main sections of this site were written by the members of the core team at the Dorset Research & Development Support Unit.  Researchers we knew had an interest in emotional processing as applied to specific areas, such as irritable bowel syndrome, were invited to contribute as guest authors.  This helped to broaden the scope of the site and also made us aware of angles we had missed.



Professor Roger Baker (Editor)

Roger has worked in a dual role as researcher and clinical psychologist at Leeds, Aberdeen &Roger Bournemouth Universities and in NHS Trusts specialising in mental health.

Early in his career he researched the application of behavioural techniques with schizophrenic patients, producing REHAB (Rehabilitation Evaluation Hall & Baker) with John Hall in 1989.  In 1977 he joined a research programme on cognitive therapy approaches in panic disorder, editing 'Panic Disorder: Theory Research & Practice' in 1989 and writing the self help book 'Understanding Panic Attacks and Overcoming Fear' which has been published in several languages and editions since 1995.  During therapy with panic disorder patients, his attention was drawn to the way in which they described their emotional life.  His research interests turned towards the understanding and assessment of emotional processing.  He is Visiting Professor at Bournemouth University and Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Dorset HealthCare NHS Trust.  He is co-ordinator of the Dorset Research & Development Support Unit.

Mr Matthew Owens

MattMatthew, a psychology graduate, joined the Dorset RDSU in October 2002 as a project co-ordinator for the emotional processing in a mental health research study.  He has experience working with people with learning disabilities and mental health problems and in psychological approaches for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

His BSc Hons dissertation was entitled ‘Autism:  cognitive deficit or male cognitive phenotype?’  

Lara Tosunlar

LaraLara graduated with a BSc in Psychology.  Her second year was spent on the west coast of America after winning a scholarship to study at Western Washington University.  Her honours dissertation explored the relationship between eating behaviours, body image and body mass index in Eating Disorders, with a particular focus on the non-specific group.

She joined the Dorset Research & Development Support Unit as Publications Officer in July 2004.  She has experience of working within the interdisciplinary team of the Pain Clinic in Poole Hospital and as an assistant psychologist in an adult mental health team, Dorset HealthCare NHS Trust.

Dr Sarah Thomas

Sarah's background is in experimental psychology and her PhD was in the area of implicit learning.  Prior to her PhD studies she worked as an Assistant Psychologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital in a clinic for children with feeding difficulties.  She joined the Dorset Research Development & Support Unit in December 2000 and is now Senior Research Fellow.  Before joining the Dorset RDSU she worked as a Research Fellow in the Department of Psychology, University of Southampton, exploring how individuals develop likes and dislikes.

Professor Peter Thomas

PeterPeter has a Personal Chair in Health Care Statistics & Epidemiology at Bournemouth University. He has many years of experience in providing statistical and methodological advice and support to health researchers from a variety of backgrounds.

He is an active collaborator in research led by others, as well as conducting his own research. He has published widely in the fields of paediatric and perinatal epidemiology and chronic disease epidemiology. 

He has previously worked for the British Medical Research Council Laboratories in Jamaica and the University of Bristol.

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