Contributing Articles  






The main sections of this site were written by the members of the core team at the Dorset Research & Development Support Unit.  Researchers we knew had an interest in emotional processing as applied to specific areas, such as irritable bowel syndrome, were invited to contribute as guest authors.  This helped to broaden the scope of the site and made us aware of angles we had missed.




If you have any comments, anecdotes, relevant experience, case histories, pictures, criticisms, corrections, or amendments alerting us to things we have missed, please send them to the guest page at the end of the site.


We welcome articles on emotional processing which could make the site more comprehensive.  We particularly value review articles (short, medium or long) on emotional processing as applied to a specific clinical condition (eg emotional processing and post traumatic stress disorder) or to specific emotions (emotional processing and anger).  These could be at the psychoneurological, psychological or philosophical level.  If you would like to contribute, please contact the editor (Professor Roger Baker) via the web manager (Dawn Stevens).


If you feel the site could be improved by links to other relevant emotion information, please let us know.  We would like to provide visitors with access to full copies of original journal articles on emotional processing, so if you are aware of interesting papers, we would be pleased to hear about them.

Finally, thank you for your interest.  We are trying to build up a decent resource for clinicians, academics, researchers, students and the general interested visitor on emotional processing, so your help is appreciated.