Emotional Processing & Gender



One of the most successful self help books in recent years has been John Gray's 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' (Gray 1992).  It taps into the popular belief that women comfortably live in a world of emotions and intuitively understand them, whereas men live in a different world of rational thought and problem solving.

Are girls more emotionally aware and talk about feelings and relationships whilst boys are, well, more boisterous?  Do they process emotions differently?  Several surveys have shown women cry more than men (5.3 times per month for women versus 1 for men) and do the job better (tears run down cheeks rather than just well up in their eyes).

Is there really a difference in processing style?


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  Emotional expression in men and women

  Gender differences in emotional processing as evidenced by
scores on the Emotional Processing Scale (EPS)


A new type of tear-jerker
By Finlo Rohrer BBC News, Washington

"Middle-aged men are not "supposed" to cry during movies"
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