Psychological Overview

There are many different types of psychological therapy each approaching emotional issues in a different way – but whatever approach is used, it’s impossible to sidestep the important role of emotions. Our research has shown that even in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which is not primarily emotional in emphasis, the way in which patients process emotions is changed. (Baker, R, Owen, M, Thomas, S et al "Does CBT Facilitate Emotional Processing?" Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapy, 2012, 40, 19-37). A poor understanding of one’s own emotional life, often referred to as Alexithymia, has been linked to most types of psychological disorder. In the section we examine the relevance of emotional processing to anorexia, panic and anxiety. The emotional processing approach has been developed in three paperbacks on panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder and what it means to have a healthy emotional life.

EP & Psychological therapy
EP & Psychological disorders
EP & Panic attacks
Preventing Panic attacks

Understanding panic attacks and overcoming fear by Roger Baker new edition 2011   understanding panic book

'Understanding trauma:  How to overcome post traumatic stress' by Roger Bakerunderstanding trauma book

Emotional Processing: healing through feeling' by Roger Baker                            emotional processing book